Texas Hold'em

7 Players Each

Our 96-inch Texas Hold ’Em tables are made professionally by the same company that makes tables for Las Vegas Casinos and the World of Poker Tour. Each table holds up to 10 players with drink cups at each site. We offer regular or tournament style games.

Texas Hold'em History


There are many derivatives of the game we call Poker. Today, the most popular game of poker played is called Texas Hold’em. It is the game played in the World’s most famous poker tournament, The World Series of Poker. The game originated in Texas, in the town of Robstown in the early 1900’s. In 1967, the first Texas Hold’em game in a Vegas casino was launched in 1967. This version of poker was mostly played in Downtown Las Vegas, and finally brought to the Las Vegas Strip first at the Dunes Hotel and Casino, which has since been demolished.

Texas Hold’em eventually replaced Seven Card Stud in almost every Las Vegas Casino. As Texas Hold’em table holds up to 10 players at a time which is more than the old stud games could hold. It also uses less cards than other games. Each player is dealt only two cards, and the other five cards are all community cards which are dealt face up and shared by all players. The hand with the highest-ranking poker hand of five cards is the winner.

Texas Hold’em’s popularity continues to grow with more and more tournaments being shown on television. Movies have also helped to promote the game as well. Rounders in 1998 starring Matt Damon and Ed Norton, as well as Casino Royale, a James Bond movie in 2006, to name a couple. Some of the best players have become household names as well. Players such as Chris Moneymaker, Doyle Brunson and Phil Helmuth are just a few famous players who have won the Worl Series of Poker Tournament. The winner of the 2023 World Series of Poker took home a prize of over $12 million dollars.

Ultimate Texas Hold'em History


Ultimate Texas Hold’em was developed by Roger Snow of Bally Gaming. It is a variation of poler that is played at many casinos throughout the Untied States. The game is similar to Texas Hold’em, but in this version, the player is only competing against the dealer. This game includes bets for winning the hand, and it has bonus prop bets as well where a hand of Three-of-a-kind or better wins. The bonus payout increases with a higher-ranking poker hand.

This game has a certain appeal for a player who likes poker but may be intimidated by the number of poker players at a regular Texas Hold’em table. The stakes are easier to control in this game as the player determines the size of the wager, not the other players.



NorCal Casino Parties includes player prizes such as  gift cards, Decks of cards from las Vegas Casinos or other fun prizes. 



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