8 Players Each

Anyone can play this game. It is mostly luck and great for those players who do not like to play cards or dice. Just bet on any amount on the wheel. The game pays different odds based on the number chosen. The Money Wheel can accommodate up to 8-players.

Money Wheel History


The money wheel that you often see in a casino is also referred to as the Big Six Wheel. It is believed that this game dates to Ancient Greeks and Romans as they played games with spinning wheels. The modern version was introduced in the 1800s as land-based casinos were being established. The Money wheel was a staple at every casino floor. It is loud when it is spun and generates a lot of excitement. It is also the easiest game to play. You just pick the bill denomination where you think the wheel will land. If your choice comes up, you win. Of course, the higher the amount of the bill, the lower odds of winning. Most wheels have a joker which you can bet on which has the highest odds and lowest probability of winning.



NorCal Casino Parties includes player prizes such as  gift cards, Decks of cards from las Vegas Casinos or other fun prizes. 



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