7 Players Each

Our Blackjack tables accommodate 7 players each, and we can offer a sit-down table if necessary. We also can change the minimum and maximum bets to add a variety of choices for your guests. We can bill out of a six-deck shoe or even offer single or double deck option depending on your desires.

Blackjack Bonus – Add a twist to the game by allowing side bets with a number of optional bonus games to choose from; Dealer Bust, Royal Match or Bet The Set just to name a few.

Blackjack History


The most popular table game in any casino is Blackjack. It is widely accepted that the origin of Blackjack, referred by some as “21” dates to the 1700s when it was found to exist in the Casinos of France. Blackjack made its way to America in the early 1800s quickly spreading throughout North America. The game was popular in the legalized gaming halls of New Orleans. The name “Blackjack” comes from the Klondike gold rush referring to minerals which indicated the presence of gold and silver. 

Simply put, the goal of Blackjack is to have cards the total as close to 21 without going over while having a total amount that is higher than the dealer’s total. Being dealt and Ace (which can be one or eleven) and a ten or face card (all face cards count as ten) makes a “Blackjack” which most of the time is an automatic win. The only exception would be that the dealer also has a blackjack. Most winning hands pay the amount of your bet. Blackjack often pays three to two or one and a half times your original bet. Lately, some casinos have been lowering the payouts of Blackjack to six to five.

Casinos have also made other changes to blackjack to decrease the odds of the players. For example, it has been hard to find a Blackjack table that plays with just one deck of cards, called single deck. It is now common to have dealers distribute the cards from a device known as a shoe with up to six decks. Casinos often have automatic shufflers to speed up the game, thus increasing casino profits since the odds favor “the house”. Casinos have also added prop bets to the game which require an additional bet to be placed. Prop bets are usually some of the worst bets in a casino since the odds heavily favor the casino. 

Most dealers are friendly and will happily explain the rules of the game to any novice player. Most of the time, dealers do not care if players win or lose as it is just a job for them. In fact, it is usually better for them if you win, which often results in better tips by the players. However, when an unruly player is at their table, they personally root against that player in hopes they leave. Just always remember that odds of winning always favor the casino. So, if you are playing for real money, never bet more than you can afford to lose.



NorCal Casino Parties includes player prizes such as  gift cards, Decks of cards from las Vegas Casinos or other fun prizes. 



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