9 Players Each

Our eight-foot tables come with your choice of a 25-inch or 27-inch wheel, and you can choose a table with or without drink holders. Our 0 and 00 games allow inside bets as low as $1.00. Each table allows for 9 players. You can even track the previous winning numbers with an optional video monitor.

Roulette History


Like Blackjack, the modern version of Roulette was created in France. The inventor of the roulette wheel was Blaise Pascal in the late 1700s. It was 1796 when the numbers 1-36 on red and black backgrounds first appeared. The rules today are very similar to the game that was played in the casinos of France. In 1842, when the game was spread to Germany the single 0 on a green background was introduced to increase the odds for the House’s favor. Roulette finally made its way to Monaco at the request of Prince Chales of Monaco III where the first modern Casinos were created.

Roulette came to America in the early 1800s. European settlers brought the game to New Orleans. To increase the odds for the House, the 00 (double zero) was added. Roulette is much more popular in European Casinos since they only use a single 0 while Casinos in America have 0 and 00. In fact, many Las Vegas Casinos have added a 000 (Triple Zero) which greatly changes the odds, once again in the favor of the House.



NorCal Casino Parties includes player prizes such as  gift cards, Decks of cards from las Vegas Casinos or other fun prizes. 



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